Webmaster Tools

  • W3 Schools

    The largest web developer's site on the net.

  • Banner Dynamism sample

    Sample of a diff banner flashing every 7 secs

  • Slide show

    Sample of a slide show that can be controlled

  • Developing Webs

    Tutorial guidance for building and maintaining a website and more.

  • Simply the Best

    Scripts, templates, affiliate programs and more...

  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer

    An ideal environment for new Web developers. Provides everything you need to begin building Web applications out of the box.

  • Myconet Web Services

    Marketing Resources for Online website promotion.

  • CGI Spy

    Free Remote CGI hosting.

  • Flaming Text

    Free GIFs, buttons, banners, etc. You can customize your buttons with content, colors, size, etc.

  • Free Bot

    Free GIFs, buttons, banners, etc. You can customize your buttons with content, colors, size, etc.

  • Scream Design

    Some of the best images available on the Web are right here. Thousands of cool buttons, bars, backgrounds, animations, and textures have been created and assembled in this one spot. You can find everything you need to build a site that rocks! And it's FREE!

  • DHTML shock

    Just what is DHTML anyway? Can you go out and buy it? Is it some application you have to install and launch before you can use the technology? Will there be a DHTML 2.0 soon?

  • Java-Scripts

    Free javascripts, tutorials, tips, resources, etc.

  • Hosted Scripts

    Have you ever wanted to use various CGI scripts, but don't have access to CGI? We offer a wide variety of free remotely hosted CGI scripts for your use! Why not join the other 150,000 people that use our 23 free scripts?

  • CGI For Me

    What is CGI For Me? We're a service designed to help you improve your website by providing interactive elements for your site. We can provide a guestbook for people to leave their mark, a message board for people to discuss matters related to you, or one of close to 15 other services! Best of all, our services are 100% less than the price of other services. That's right - it's FREE!

  • AOL's free GIFs search

    This is the output of AOLs search result's for "animated GIFs"

  • HTML Tips

    This is a collection of HTML tips on cool web-developing functions.

  • Understanding Caching

    What's a Web Cache? Why do people use them? Kinds of Web Caches: browser, proxy.

  • Free Stuff

    Free stuff for Webmasters: CGI scripts, counters, HTML code, etc.

  • Netscape's HTML Tutorial

    This is Netscape's online tutorial for HTML beginners.

  • HTML Encoder

    This is a tool to encrypt HTML code.

  • Rollover Samples

    This is a collection of sites that exemplify good rollover technology.

  • Dreams & Magic

    A collection of graphics all free.

  • Web Developer's Virtual Library

    A comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of web technology, The WDVL is a well-organized goldmine of tutorials, examples, and links to great resources. It's for webmasters, web designers and Internet developers who are creating web sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, graphics, VRML, multimedia, animation, scripting. etc. The WDVL is one of the oldest web developer web sites, founded in December 1994 by Alan Richmond. The material is unbiased, vendor-neutral and standards-based. The site has won several major awards. The content is painstakingly written and cross-linked to create a unique Webmaster's Illustrated Encyclopedia.

  • Online Webopedia

    The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology.

  • Microsoft Online Support

    Maxwell, an online support specialist from Microsoft will answer your technical questions on any Microsoft product instantly!

  • Web Tutorials from "EarthWeb"

    A series of webmastery topics for beginner, intermediate and advanced web authors.

  • Solution Scripts

    We here at Solution Scripts are here to save your site from the stale nature of the internet. Most web sites these days are made only of standard HTML, leaving them flat and not very exciting. This static internet also leaves most webmasters lacking in the area of e-commerce and site interaction. This is where Solution Scripts comes in.

  • Access Denied: Solution scripts.

    Access Denied is a script that will let you easily let you manage a password, login file. Made for .htpasswd but will work on any password file with a login and a crypted password. Access Denied not only controls one password file, but as many as you want. This script lets you add logins, remove them one at a time or multiple logins at once. Easy to set up with only one variable to set. Demo password is test.

  • CGI Script Center

    If you are building an online business, The CGI Script Center is proud to offer some of the highest quality Shareware Series and Professional Series CGI programs available. Our programs will transform your static web pages into fully interactive, traffic-generating, revenue-building pages.

  • Dbasics Software

    DBasics Software Company offers complete Internet programming products and services. Sorry, we don't do windows :). We have a variety of powerful web scripts from statistical counters to message boards specially designed to make your site interactive. For the real novice we offer installation options and services for all our scripts.

  • Netscape's Website Garage

    Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site. Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and analyze your traffic.

  • The Anonymizer

    Every time you use the Internet you leave a trail of information about yourself. The sites you visit, online advertisers, your ISP, and other people who use your computer may know a lot more. The Anonymizer protects your Internet privacy. And because there is no installation required you can surf anonymously from any computer regardless of where you are.

  • Add Me: Free Site Promotion

    Welcome to Add Me!, the most popular website submission engine on the Internet. Add Me has submitted over 3 Millions websites since its launch in 1996. You have a great website but noone knows it even exists? You have come to the right place. Add Me! lets you submit your site to the top 30 most popular search engines for free.

  • Search-Engine Forums

    Search Engine topics and related matters...

  • www.perl.com

    Designed to be programmer-friendly and platform-neutral, Perl is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that makes easy and medium-hard tasks easy and seriously non-trivial tasks possible. Now well into its second decade, Perl has become the language of choice across all platforms for programmers engaged in rapid prototyping, system utilities, software tools, system management tasks, data base access, graphical programming, and world wide Web programming.

  • Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit

    The Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit Toolbox contains a comprehensive set of information, tools, and converters designed to help you deploy, support, and maintain Microsoft Office 2000.

  • Be Seen: Web Site Tools

    Promote, Enable, Enhance your site with "Be Seen" goodies. Add a chat room, a counter, a search engine....

  • Dreams and Magic

    Dreams and Magic Animation Studio is a growing source for 3D objects, photorealistic, useful textures, original web art, tips on creating anything from special effects to enhancing web graphics, and a valuable growing rolodex of links connecting you to the industry.

  • Search-Engine Alliance

    Welcome to the confederation of expert search engines and directories. When you (or should that be Youhoo) see the garbage that most search resources index, you'll appreciate the fact that all the resources below are run by teams who live & breathe their respective areas of expertise. Visit any of these search engines for the definitive Web view on their sector of knowledge.

  • List Bot

    Communicate directly with your customers by sending them email messages with product announcements, late breaking news, or special offers. They'll come back and buy more. Use email for direct marketing - it saves you time and money and delivers great results.

  • Neuber

    Neuber's FontTwister lets you create impressive text effects for web pages, illustration, multimedia projects and presentations in seconds. Add glows, bevels, embossing, transparency, texture, edges, soft shadows and blurs to your text or apply one of the dozens of built-in styles.

  • DNS Wizard

    DNS Basics: how does it work, etc.

  • Netscape's Glossary

    Need to know what a certain term means? Can't find it elsewhere? Look here......

  • Web Design Studio

    The Web Design Studio is now offering a NEW feature! HTML Templates will now be provided with a fresh new set of designs every month.

  • CGIscript.net

    CGIScript.net, a powerful webmaster resource network. We are focused on providing advanced webmaster tools and resources such as, CGI / Perl scripts, custom script development, DHTML / JavaScripts, web site templates, script installation, tutorials, and timely information for web developers of varying skill levels. Most of the information we have is by request, please do not hesitate to ask for something if you do not see it here!

  • Bravenet

    Bravenet is the site for webmasters. You can acquire anything from forums, chatrooms, email forms, search engine submissions, guestmap, etc.

  • Emarketing 101

    Vancouver eMarketing 101 offers search engine marketing services including web site optimization for better search engine ranking.

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