Paid ISPs for Canada

  • Abacom Internet Services

    ABACOM's first goal is to offer impeccable Internet access to the Eastern Townships, striving to be among the best in the province of Quebec.

  • ACBM

    ACBM is established as a non profit INTERNET service provider for the Brome-Missisquoi county. Its mandate is to assist citizens and organizations of the county to communicate, at the lowest possible cost and with no long distance charges, with each other and the world.

  • Access Communications Wave

    Our Cable modem will enable the customer to be logged on at all times. No more dial up hassles, no more screeching modems, No Busy Signals!

  • access Computer Systems

    Internet Service provider from Victoria, British Columbia

  • Access Internet Inc.

    Access Internet Inc. is a full service Internet Service Provider connecting our clients to the World at 10 megabits per second.

  • AccessVantage Corporation

    AccessVantage Corporation, founded in September 1995, is one of the pioneering Internet Service Providers in Toronto, offering affordable and reliable dial-up and dedicated internet access services to residential and corporate customers in Metropolitan Toronto & Surrounding areas.

  • ACI InterNic Solutions

    Canada's Leading Service Provider For IT Professionals

  • alternet internet

    100% BC owned & operated - dedicated to providing superior service & support.

  • Andara

    High Speed Internet Acces via Cable Modem for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • AOL.CA

    AOL's Canada hub offers customers Web site-hosting and Internet access via dial-up, ISDN and UUCP permanent connections.

  • Aracnet Internet Systems

    Providing dial-up Internet access to communities in Ontario.

  • AT&T Canada Internet Service

    AT and T Canada offer Internet access, web hosting, and ecommerce solutions to the entire country. Site contains a bi-lingual entry.

  • Auracom

    Internet Service Provider.

  • Aurora Cable Internet

    Dial-in and cable modem Internet access for commercial clients and residential.

  • Autobahn Access Corp

    Autobahn Access Corporation (AAC) has been providing fast, Internet connections to it's subscribers since 1995. Since then we have grown to be Winnipeg's Finest ISP.

  • Axion Internet

    Axion Internet is a full service Internet company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Baynet Internet Services

    Various Internet access packages available from this Internet company.

  • Bcnet

    BCnet does not provide dialup services for individuals. We connect organizations to the Internet who in turn provide Internet services to their clients.

  • Bell Canada

    Bell Canada offers clientele Web site hosting and digital Internet access via several digital frame relay and ADSL connections.

  • BrunNet

    A New Brunswick ISP offering Internet Access Packages, web design/hosting, mailing lists, listservs and more.

  • Bullicom Internet Services

    Friendliest BBS in Lethbridge, Alberta

  • Cable Regina

    Cable Regina's Internet Service.

  • Cactus Internet

    Cactus Internet is a young high technology company, specializing in fields such as content and tool development on the Internet and Private Networks. Cactus also offers a high speed Internet access at a very competitive price: you are linked on a swift ATM fiber optic connection.

  • CAM Internet

    As Montreal's pionneer Internet Service Provider, CAM is one of the oldest and most successful ISPs in the Montreal area.

  • Castle Networking Inc.

    A full service ISP based in Georgetown, Ontario providing service to Acton, Brampton, Campbellville, Erin, Inglewood, Milton, Snelgrove and Victoria.

  • Club Plus Internet

    Club Plus Internet is a provider with fast access for the best price in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa.

  • Cogeco Wave

    Cogeco Wave high speed cable Internet access.

  • Columbia Internet Junction

    The first and only full-service Internet provider in Revelstoke, British Columbia. We offer dial-up services to residential and business customers via T1 fibre optic lines to Vernon BC.

  • Compu-Solve Technologies Inc.

    Dedicated to provide the fastest connections and no busy signals. We have established strategic relationships with premier companies that include 3Com/U.S. Robotics, Sun Microsystems, and Netscape Communications to ensure a continued competitive advantage.

  • CSP Internet

    CSP Internet provides a complete range of Internet products and services to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in Victoria and Vancouver.

  • Cyber Beach Communications

    An Ontario Internet Service Provider.

  • Cybernet Communications Inc.

    An Internet Provider with a difference.

  • Cyberus Online, Inc.

    With our variety of account types, including Block Hour Accounts and ISDN connections, you're sure to find a Cyberus account to satisfy your personal Internet needs.

  • Data Link Canada West

    Offering a wide range of services for everyone from individuals to corporations: Internet Dialup Access, Website Design and Hosting, Custom programming, Consultation, Database design and analysis, Network installation, design, and support plus more.

  • Delphi SuperNet Services

    Delphi SuperNet is a major Montreal ISP that makes it easy and affordable to get onto the Internet whether you are a 'net newcomer, or seasoned surfer.

  • Digistar Internet Services

    Northern Manitoba's Largest Internet Service Provider.

  • Internet

    Formed in 1970, Dowco commenced offerings as an internet service provider in September, 1995. Today we offer services throughout the Fraser Valley through a chain of franchises and strategic agents.


    An Internet Service Provider from Cobourg, Ontario.

  • Escape Communications

    Manitobas Largest ISP.

  • Execulink Internet Services Corporation

    The largest and fastest growing Internet service provider in South Western Ontario. Execulink offers the best UNLIMITED Internet access value in the area.

  • Fire Hills Internet

    File Hills Internet is a one-of-a-kind Canadian company. Owned by five Canadian First Nations, this dynamic company is the largest and most reliable non-government Internet Service Provider in Saskatchewan.

  • Fundy Communications

    New Brunswick's newest Internet Service Provider, Fundy is proud to be able to offer web surfers the very best Internet service available in New Brunswick today, with brand new technology unveiled for the first time in North America or around the world.

  • GateWest Communications

    A Manitoba Internet Service Provider.

  • Global Linx Internet Inc.

    Whether you are a "Power User" or an "Occasional User", we offer packages that fits everyone's needs and budget.

  • GlobalServe

    GlobalServe is one of Canada's largest Internet Service Providers with 15 national POPs (Points of Presence) capable of reaching a vast majority of the Canadian population and businesses.

  • GlobeTrotter

    Le Groupe QuébecTel, through GlobeTrotter, is the first Canadian telecommunications company to offer a universal local Internet access to the public, at one low price. The cost of GlobeTrotter membership is the same throughout our region, with no long-distance fees.

  • Golden Triangle On Line

    An Ontario Internet Service Provider.

  • Grant Internet Communications

    Grant Internet Communications is a full-service Internet company providing dial-up access to the Internet as well as a full range of professional services to assist all types of organizations establish a corporate presence.

  • IC Enter.Net

    A Manitoba ISP featuring Internet Access. Web Design and Computer Training.

  • ICA Canada On-Line Inc.

    A full service Internet Service Provider.

  • IGS Northumberland

    A quality Internet Service Provider serving Northumberland County. Port Hope, Ontario

  • Information Gateway Services (IGS)

    Information Gateway Services (IGS) provides Internet Access, Web Hosting and Web Design services to personal, corporate and business clients in 18 locations across Canada.

  • Imaginet Commuications Group

    An Internet Access for British Columbia, AlbertA, Manitoba and Ontario.

  • InterActions

    An Internet Service Provider from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland.

  • Interactive Online Ltd.

    Interactive Online LTD. is committed to delivering the best Internet access service value in the areas we serve. To that end we offer unlimited access for dial-up applications, eliminating any concern by our subscribers that their cost of access will increase with usage.

  • Interlink

    A Manitoba Internet Service Provider

  • Interlog Internet Services

    A full service Internet Service provider.

  • Internet North

    Internet service provider offering clientele web site hosting and Internet access via dial-up PPP connections.

  • Internet Services

    Yukon Web are an Internet service provider offering clientele web site hosting and Internet access services via dial-up and ISDN connections.

  • Internet Centre, The

    The Internet Centre is easy to use and always provides the highest level of service each and everyday. Our experienced technical staff are also available to ease installation and setup.

  • Internet Direct

    Internet Service Provider from British Columbia.

  • Internet Direct

    A full service Internet Service Provider.

  • InterNet Kingston

    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support, fast and reliable dial-up connections and complete connectivity solutions to individuals and businesses in the greater Kingston area.

  • Internet Solutions Inc.

    Manitoba company offering databases, E-commerce, VRML, Web Presence, fast Internet access and email gateways.

  • Internet Yukon

    This is the home page of the Yukon largest Internet Service Provider. We provide local dial up access in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Watson Lake, Marsh Lake, Haines Junction

  • InternetCorp Canada

    A national internet service provider.

  • InterPacific Online

    A full service ISP offering both residential and corporate dial-up, dedicated connectivity and a complete range of associated Internet products including Chinese Web Page and Web Site design, high-speed ISDN services, and Intranet consultation and implementation.

  • IPrimus

    One of Canada's leading service providers. Site contains industry partnerships, access plans, domain hosting information and contact details.

  • Irenyx Data Group Inc.

    Irenyx Data Group Inc., is a data communication company based in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. While specializing in Internet and internetworking solutions, Irenyx offers a spectrum of services ranging from individual Internet dial-up to ISDN consulting

  • Island Internet

    As the largest Internet Service Provider on Vancouver Island, Island Internet offers excellence in service and technical expertise to business and individuals - from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Victoria.

  • Island Services Network

    Providing Internet access, email addresses, and free web pages for Prince Edward Island. Group rates and commercial web services available.

  • ISN Internet

    Island Services Network (ISN Internet), providing quality service to Islanders. We strive to provide the best product, with the best service, at the best price! Located in Prince Edward Island.


    Register online with Canada's biggest ISP. Busy, stylish site lists access numbers, promotions and pricing info, and provides tech support.

  • Isys Technology Inc.

    We provide a wide range of strategic solutions to organizations, from determining and implementing the best way to connect to the Internet, to developing an on-line business strategy.

  • Kayhay

    An ISP from Bedford, Nova Scotia, from Internet Bandwith to web design, from network design to IP telephony, Kayhay builds solutions for all residential and business needs.

  • Kingston Online Services

    SOUTHEASTERN ONTARIO'S foremost provider of internet solutions is dedicated to providing the finest & most reliable internet access to its customers.

  • Klondike Gold

    Offering high speed connectivity, internet services and community links to the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

  • Lara Internet Service Provider

    Internet Access to individual and corporations,Web Design and Hosting, Domain name registration & Hosting. Burlington, Ontario.


    Dial-up access throughout the United States and Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec)

  • Managed Network Systems Inc.

    We are an International Network Solutions Provider specializing in Dial-Up and Dedicated Internet Access.

  • Maplecom Communications Network Inc.

    Internet service provider offering high speed internet access, lan and wan solution, and voice over ip. We also provide web development. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Maxim Internet Services

    Maxim Internet Services is a family and business-oriented ISP located in St. Albert, Alberta. We offer free web content filtering for our customers (if desired) and competitive high-speed connectivity to St. Albert Businesses.

  • MetroNet

    For all your telecommunications needs: local, long distance, data and Internet.

  • Monisys Internet

    An Internet service provider from Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Mountain Internet

    Internet Service Provider for British Columbia

  • NavNet Communications

    NavNet is an Internet service provider based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, dedicated to providing superior service to our customers

  • NBNet

    A New Brunswick based ISP service offered through the telephone company.

  • Net 1 F/X

    A Saskatchewan Internet Service Provider.

  • Net Idea

    An internet service provider for the Kootenays, B.C.

  • Netcom Canada

    Netcom is one of Canada's largest and most reliable Internet companies. Leveraging years of Internet experience, our goal is to deliver Quality, Simplicity and Value to our customers, thereby enabling them to harness the power of the Net for their business or residential use.

  • North Shore Internet Services

    An ISP located in the heart of historic New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and serving the entire Pictou County Region.

  • Nucleus Information Service Inc.

    From inexpensive unlimited dial-up accounts to complete office connectivity to New Media Marketing and website design. If it is happening on the Internet, Nucleus has the service covered.

  • Nunanet Worldwide Communications

    Iqaluit situated company providing internet access, training, computer repair and sales.

  • OA Internet Inc.

    OA Internet is a commercial Internet Service Provider that also provides residential access. We supply both dial-up and dedicated connections to the Internet, web and server hosting, web design, premise wiring, and network consulting.


    Internet Service Provider to business and professionals.

  • Okanagan Internet Junction

    A full service internet provider, located in Vernon, British Columbia, serving both personal and corporate dialup, leased line connections as well as web site hosting and development.

  • ONLink

    A Internet Service Provider providing internet access across a wide area of northern Ontario.

  • Packet Works

    We are committed to providing high speed Internet access to the business, governmental, and educational markets in Ontario.


    A Manitoba Internet Service Provider.

  • Pathway Communications

    Pathway Communications is a Canadian company established in 1994 with the intent of delivering superior internet services, network integration, and systems programming to clients in Canada and overseas.

  • Peace Region INTERNET Society's

    Peace Region INTERNET Society's purpose of the Society are: to establish, maintain, operate, and administer a public INTERNET node, to serve the Peace River Region of British Columbia.

  • Polar Net

    Nunavut ISP providing dial-up internet access, company profile, contact information and links to customer web pages.

  • Polarcom

    Internet service provider located in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Find contact details, links and a list of services available.

  • PZ Internet Global Roaming Internet Access

    Global Roaming is here! Access the internet from anywhere in the world for a small roaming fee. Great for travellers.


    Provides residents and businesses in both Canada and the US with various Internet access and web-related services. Find prices and contacts.

  • Road Runner Newfoundland

    Road Runner is a high-speed residential on-line information service delivered to PCs by cable modems.

  • Rural Escape Internet Services

    Manitoba Internet Service provider.

  • Silk Internet

    At Silk Internet, we want to make your Internet experience a smooth one. We don't "skimp" on service. We are well known for our exceptional local support team.

  • Smartnet

    We currently are offering Internet access services to the Edmonton, Alberta local area dialing area and have grown to become Edmonton's leading provider of Internet services.

  • SooNet Corp

    An Internet Service Provider in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

  • Sprint

    Sprint Internet

  • SSI Micro Internet Services

    Located in Yukon, this Internet service provider offers clientele web page hosting and Internet access services.

  • SSM Online

    SSM Online, Sault Ste. Marie's local Internet Service Provider.

  • Storm Internet Services

    Storm Internet Services opened its doors July 1996. We decided that there was one significant element that was missing from many ISP's: SERVICE. We pride ourselves in having superior customer service.

  • Sunshine Communications

    Sunshine Communications provides internet access for business and home users at unheard-of speeds. Serving the Boundary Region of British Columbia, we offer full, unrestricted 4Mbs cable modem access to our customers.


    Internet Service Provider from British Columbia

  • Surf City

    Surf City Communications LTD. is a small New Brunswick based ISP owned by Jeff Geddes and Trevor Rivett. We have been involved with "hobbyist" BBS's for years and Surf City seemed to be a natural extension to that

  • Surf the Net Internet Service INC

    Providing dialup access and domain hosting to the Toronto(GTA), Peel, Halton and Orangeville areas.

  • Sympatico

    Internet service provider offering bilingual entry points. Includes provincial news, services, forums, travel and the job market.

  • Tamarack Computers

    Internet service provider offering clientele web site hosting and Internet access to the Northern Territories.

  • Valley Internet Providers Ltd.

    The Interior of B.C.s' Premier Internet Provider Web Site Hosting, internet access, Wireless Internet

  • Videotron

    Internet services for residential and business cutomers.

  • Vkool Communications

    An independent Internet Service provider in British Columbia with the goal of having a kool client base.

  • Voyageur Net

    Complete Internet Access for Northwestern Ontario.

  • Wave

    This ISP from Shaw offers Canadian residents high-speed Internet access and web hosting.

  • Wave - High Speed Internet

    High speed Internet access available throughout many parts of Canada

  • Wave Internet - British Columbia

    High speed cable modem access.

  • Webgate Internet Services

    A wide range of services ranging from networking and outfiting of entire offices to wide area networking (WAN), VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Intraneting, stand alone computing, web authoring and of course Internet access provision to both corporate and home users.

  • Webster internet Communications

    Webster Internet Communications Inc, is a Saskatoon based full Internet access provider, locally owned and operated. Our mission is to provide the best Internet access, at an affordable price, for both business and personal use.

  • Western Computer Link

    Welcome to Western Computer Link, Saskatoon's premier Internet service provider. Saskatoon's first business dedicated exclusively to providing Internet access and services to the people of Saskatoon.

  • Wincom

    WINCOM is a full service Internet Service Provider. We offer services to meet almost any need--from dialup access and ISDN to dedicated and leased line connections.

  • WiseNetwork Internet Communication

    Web Hosting has never been so easy and affordable! The Best Web Hosting Provider in Canada We provide Web Hosting starting from only $10!A lot of space (50MB) when compared to your ISP Web Hosting Options and Our Web Hosting plan is a lot more affordable too!

  • Xcelco Internet

    Lambton County Internet Service Provider and much more! Authorized Bell Mobility Agent, Bell ExpressVu Dealer, Training Centre, Software sales etc. Sarnia, Ontario.

  • Yes I.C. Communications

    Dial up Internet access for the greater Toronto area.

  • YKnet

    Providing dial-up or dedicated connections to Yukon area. Other services include domain name registration email accounts and mail-forwarding.

  • Yukon Internet Users Group

    User group that also offers Internet access via dial-up PPP to members and residents of Yukon territory.

  • Yukon North Web

    Internet service provider offering clientele multiple POP email accounts, web site hosting and Internet access services.

  • Zone, The

    The Zone is your simplest, most direct route to the Internet. It offers dial up service in 24 locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and cable modem access in St. John's, Mount Pearl and surrounding Areas.

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