TO: All current and prospective soccer players


FROM: Alfonso Cárcamo


DATE: February 5, 2007


SUBJECT: Spring & summer 2005 soccer season


Ladies and Gentlemen:


It is with great pride that I announce our third successful year of what has come to be termed as the “Barcelona Soccer League”!  Most of you receiving this communication are somewhat familiar with our activities that really predate our formal league, since in reality many of us have been getting together over the past ten or fifteen years at either The Bickford Community Center, or the various indoor facilities that have hosted our athletic activities.

What we initially thought would be an informal gathering of three or four recreational teams composed of the "regular crowd" quickly developed into a full-blown multi-cultural league composed of over twelve different teams
hailing from all corners of the world.

Given Toronto's rich ethnic diversity, we were honoured to have teams representing the following countries: Cameroon, Senegal, Burundi, Angola, Portugal, El Salvador, Iraq, Seneca College, Albania, Romania, amongst others. To gain a better orientation of the formation of our league please visit our website at

This year we intend to double the fun by organizing ourselves a little better.


Formation of the Teams


While in the beginning there were three teams (the original Brazil, Mexico and Real Madrid), only one selection actually survived to this day: Barcelona.


Today, once again we are poised for an evolution and there is sufficient talent to make two or three teams of the same caliber as Barcelona.


Here is the simple plan that has been laid out to make this season a great success:


1.       The coordinator/mastermind overseeing this entire activity will be yours truly. My function will be to work with the team captains and coaches to coordinate the different matches which for the most part will take place on weekends at High Park. There will be week-day evening practice matches twice a week.

2.       Francois and Jorge will be the owners/coaches of one of the teams. It is up to them do decide who they want as members of their team.

3.       The owner/coach of the second team has yet to be determined but there are a few individuals with potential who have expressed some interest. If any of you is interested in volunteering, I encourage you to step forward as this is an excellent opportunity to gain some leadership skills which is much more rewarding than it might seem apparent. Additionally you get your uniform for free from me, in addition to free access to refreshments and other goodies for which the players usually must pay.

4.       The criteria for selecting the players is primarily skill, although reputation for attendance is equally important, for this activity will only succeed to the degree that the members show up to the scheduled matches. Witness the original teams (Brazil, Mexico and Real Madrid, which fused into the Barcelona selection).

5.       If you are interested in being part of this activity you must own a uniform. This identifies you as an official member of the team, and gives our activity a semblance of competence. Additionally, we must match the level of professionalism of the visiting teams which all wear uniforms.

6.       It is NOT imperative you purchase a uniform if you already own the uniform. In fact, it is NOT imperative you purchase the uniform from me, although that is certainly an option.


If you do require a uniform, you get a wholesale price 3-piece (numbered jersey, shorts, socks) for a whopping $45.00. If you are a previous member of the league and you have made at least one purchase, the price drops to $35.00, which is factory cost.


The money generated goes in part to (a) cover the expense to buy and transport the uniforms from Mexico to Toronto, (b) cover the expense of refreshments that I usually bring to the field for the players (c) cover the expense for the nets and other paraphernalia that is required to carry out this activity (d) cover my services as referee and coordinator (d) cover the expense of the extra uniforms that guests will borrow from me. Experience has proven that there will always be guests and spectators hoping that a team is short of players. Since this is bound to happen, we always have to improvise with some spare jerseys which I have to provide. Regrettably, many of these jerseys go missing at some time throughout the season!


So, if you are interested, get in touch with me @ (647) 892-5136 or email me @