IT Security Companies

  • Better Internet Bureau

    The Better Internet Bureau is an online, nonprofit, organization dedicated to making the internet a safer place, for people worldwide.

  • Cookie Central

    "Brilliant Digital Entertainment quietly installs its own software with every copy of the Kazaa file-swapping software. The Brilliant Digital software, which is being progressively distributed over the next few weeks, can later be remotely "turned on" to become part of a new network. Executives from Brilliant Digital and Kazaa's parent company say people can uninstall the Brilliant Digital or Altnet software from their computers without interfering with the Kazaa program itself. This is true, but it's not an easy process..."

  • Canadian Security & Investigations Inc.

    Canadian Security & Investigations Limited 1995, (CSI Limited), is a full-service investigations firm, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CSI is owned and operated by senior police investigators, with over 30 years of experience in all fields of investigations. We are dedicated to providing discreet, comprehensive investigations for insurance companies, government, law firms, corporations and private individuals. CSI is proud to be a member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and many other associations, including the International Police Association and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

  • Daemon Defense Systems

    Daemon Defense Systems is an Internet security and privacy company. They are leading the way in information security and protecting online companies. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Iplanet E-commerce Solutions

    Information on root certificates, SSL, and related links.

  • LinuxMagic

    LinuxMagic VPN Firewalls for home or small office use. Now, a cheap and secure way to protect yourself, with ENCRYPTED tunnels to allow you to share computers across the Internet securely. Surrey, British Columbia.

  • Netscape Security Center

    Netscape Security Center. Understanding PKI, SSL, Root Certificates, security updates and miscellaneous articles on security issues in cyberspace.

  • PresiNET Systems Corp.

    PresiNET offers a new, affordable managed Internet Firewall Security Service for small to medium-sized businesses from $99 per month. Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Paradata Systems Inc.

    Paradata Systems Inc enables merchants worldwide to take full advantage of the eCommerce market. Paradata is a Global Online Payment Service that focuses on connecting merchant's "pay" buttons to the bank.Whistler, British Columbia.

  • Privacy Analyzer

    This site runs a check of your browser, encryption, java settings, IP addressing, Domain registration, etc.

  • PSiGate

    Payment service provider for website merchant accounts. Offering secure credit card processing for ecommerce via the Internet with state of the art fraud protection. Mississauga, Ontario.

  • RSA Security

    Finally - there is a place specifically designed to support people who want to keep on top of enterprise security issues. Come here to find the most current solutions and products that will address your enterprise security concerns and make your network secure.

  • Safe2Trade Offers a service dedicated to securing your online transactions at an affordable price. Laval des Rapides, Québec.

  • Sharp Technology

    SHARP Technology, Inc. is a successful developer of Internet security, software and content management applications. Released August 11, 2000, Hack Tracer is powerful hacking prevention software for home and business use.

  • Simon Singh's Cipher Site

    In 1997 Simon began working on his second book, "The Code Book", a history of codes and codebreaking. As well explaining the science of codes and describing the impact of codebreaking on history, the book also shows that cryptography is more important today than ever before. After all, we live in the Information Age, and one of the best ways to protect information is to encrypt it.

  • SNS Training Centre

    Microsoft, Java, Oracle, Webmaster, E-Commerce, Cisco, Linux, Unix, CGI, PERL, Internet Security. St. John's, Newfoundland.

  • Symantec

    Symantec, a world leader in Internet security technology, provides a broad range of content and network security solutions to individuals and enterprises. The company is a leading provider of virus protection, risk management, Internet content and e-mail filtering, and mobile code detection technologies to customers.

  • ValiCert's Validation Authority Technology

    ValiCert's Validation Authority Technology enables customers to identify potentially insecure parties in an e-Transaction by instantly verifying the validity of digital credentials, including digital certificates issued by any certificate authority (CA), within any application, using any protocol, from anywhere in the world. ValiCert's technology has resulted in the creation of a global validation network and the development of critical technologies, including Certificate Revocation Trees (CRTs), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and the powerful set of policy-based, business validation functions called Stateful Validation.

  • Verisign: Root Certificates Information

    Based on recent market studies, VeriSign estimates that less than 4 percent of all browser users are affected by root CA certificate expiration, although the percentage of users of your site who are affected may vary.

  • Verisign: Root Certificates FAQs

    IT Security Services: Root Cert FAQs

  • Wizard Internet Services

    We offer complete Network Services. From network security, system administration, firewalls, corporate mail servers and more. Surrey, British Columbia.