Free Hosts

  • Spaceports

    Spaceports pays you to host with us! Spaceports users get 10 cents per click for the advertising displayed on our behalf. Spaceports even pays you $10 to sign up for our reimbursement program.

  • Free Servers

    Wondering how to start building your site, what your free site includes, or how we can offer this for free? Freeservers is host to over 1.5 million sites. You don't even have to register a .com name - although you have the option to register your own ".com" or other top level domain name and host it for free on Freeservers!

  • Xoom

    Free unlimited web space. Use our NEW HTML-free ZY Page Builder or use your own software and FTP your site. Includes a free XOOMMail account. Earn Money through our affiliates programs. Download free clipart for your site. Participate in chats, communities, and more...

  • Netscape Site Central

    Build a free web site now with Netscape. No HTML experience is required. Easy to use tools that take you through every step of the process. Free Image Library with thousands of images. Add dynamic content like horoscopes and sports scores. Add a hitometer and a guestbook to your site and keep track of your visitors. Promote your site in the Site Central Directory.

  • Microsoft Network

    Don't you deserve an online presence? Share photos of your new puppy. Get your garage band's music online. Your space on the Web is fully customizable to be as unique as you are. Express your personal passion.